We specialise in one thing

We have a number of services at Spark Digital. We have a wealth of experience in many areas of the digital world, however we focus on one area that we have become experts in to boost business performance.

Paid traffic sales conversion

Hyper-Targeted Cold Ads
We only put your advertising in front of of those of a particular age, location or interest, according to your ideal client avatar, using targeted advertising with creatives that really cut through the noise.
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Retargeted Warm Ads
We put systems in place that track the interest of those that have engaged with the cold campaign ads and website. We retarget these potential customers appropriately to generate new and repeat purchase
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Retargeted Hot Ads
Tracking the movement of the potential customer on our client's website, we can see when they have reached checkout or abandoned cart. We can remind them through retargeted ads and have them complete their purchase.
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Our 4D Process


We seek to understand the mission and values of your business to define the message we want the campaign to portray.


We use the message we’ve defined to design a campaign that disrupts the market, cuts through the noise and gets attention.


We deploy the campaign targetting your ideal audience to get your message in front 


We continuously oversee and tweak the campaign to make it as efficient as possible, generating the best return on investment.

Let’s do great things, together.

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